International Tissue Repair School


International Tissue Repair School

The International Tissue Repair School SIRTES was founded in 2000 in Pisa, Italy. It is a scientific, apolitical, not for profit association which focuses on increasing and enriching knowledge in the field of Wound  Care.
Our mission is to increase the “culture of Tissue Repair” among healthcare professionals (general practitioners, medical specialists, podiatrists, nurses and medical students) by raising awareness, sharing information and encouraging ongoing education. We do this through the following activities:

 - A website which includes a selection of the most important publications, events and news from leading International associations in the field.

 - A course which is held annually and based on a specific theme. This course brings together healthcare professionals who wish to enhance their skills in Wound Care and draws on the knowledge and expertise of our nationally and internationally acclaimed Faculty members.

 - E-learning courses which start with the basic concepts of Wound Management but also deal with topics such as the complete care of difficult wounds and other issues such as a patient’s quality of life in a daily clinical practice. These courses are planned and organized according to topics and training parameters shared by the International scientific community or upon the request of private professionals and organisations.

All SIRTES training events are CME accredited in accordance with Italian law as decreed by the Ministry of Health.

SIRTES collaborates, supports and spreads WUWHS activities since 2012. SIRTES Has organized a lot of scientific activities and CME courses inside the WUWHS2016 congress.

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